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Our Services

  • Mining
  • Underground and surface scrap reclamation
  • Building underground ventilation structures
    • 400KPa explosion proof walls,
    • 140KPa containment walls
    • Normal brick walls
    • Reinforced walls
    • Air crossings
  • Gunniting
  • Building refuge bays
  • Underground roof support
  • Underground road maintenance
  • Construction, civils and concrete work
  • Conveyor belt services
    • Maintenance
    • Supplying: new and used belts, light duty PVC, solid woven PVC
    • Splicing: hot and cold splicing
    • Accessories: head, tail and snub pulleys; trouping, return, self-aligning and impact idlers; scrappers,
      fasteners, elevator buckets and bolts; rapid and pulley lagging, rubber skirtings
  • Fibre cable splicing
  • Erecting scaffolds
  • Labour hire